2010 Arctic Winter Games Host Society

The 2010 Arctic Winter Games Host Society is a non-profit organization formed by the City of Grande Prairie. This group of committed volunteers will dedicate their time and talent to organize a truly memorable games experience in Grande Prairie.


Working with the International Committee, we will organize and operate a technically sound, participant focused and responsibly managed Arctic Winter games in March 2010 by providing effective leadership that engages the support of community.


The 2010 Arctic Winter Games are a participant focused circumpolar celebration of sport and culture, inspiring a legacy of individual and community growth.


Arctic Winter Games 2010 Logo

The theme of the 2010 Arctic Winter Games – Dream Achieve Inspire - reflects the true spirit of these northern games for all participants, from athletes and performers to volunteers and spectators. We are all motivated by dreams. When we achieve those dreams, we gain confidence not only in our own abilities, but we are in turn inspired to motivate others to reach their potential. Dreams will come true at the 2010 Arctic Winter Games, but from those dreams will come something much bigger.

The 2010 Arctic Winter Games logo design is stylized northern lights in the colours of the Arctic Winter Games. These northern lights extend from the circular logo of the Arctic Winter Games International Committee, reaching out to northern communities to invite them to participate in the warmth of the south.

The three interlocking rings on the international logo symbolize the promotion of athletic competition, cultural exhibition and social interaction amongst northerners. A ribbon of northern lights is set into a black background representing the nighttime sky surrounded by a white circle representing the circumpolar world.