Indoor Soccer

This year’s Arctic Winter Games will be hosting some very unique soccer competitions taking place in an indoor soccer arena. There are almost 300 athletes partaking in the Games that will be competing for their categories’ prestigious Ulus. Each team will have 5 athletes on the field, one of which is the Goal Keeper, while the other four are the defence and offence.  These athletes will be using their fine motor skills in their legs and feet to try and get more goals than their opponent. There are sure to be plenty of fast paced and exciting games throughout the week.

Classes Competing in Indoor Soccer during 2010 Arctic Winter Games include:

Junior Male (92 or later; 18 or younger)

Junior Female (92 or later; 18 or younger)

Juvenile Male (94 or later; 16 or younger)

Juvenile Female (94 or later; 16 or younger)

Intermediate Female (90 or later; 20 or younger)