Alpine Skiing

Alpine Skiing has been practiced in the European Alps for at least 150 years. In addition to adapting cross-country techniques to suit their steeper slopes, alpine skiers also found they needed slightly wider skis to go downhill safely, and developed different ways to use their poles and new turning techniques to match the more vertical terrain of the high mountains. The sport became increasingly popular through the early 20th century with the development of T-bars, tows and ski lifts, as alpine skiers no longer had to climb up a slope before skiing down.

Classes Competing in Alpine Skiing during 2010 Arctic Winter Games include:

Junior Male (93 or 94; 17 or 16 yrs old)

Junior Female (93 or 94; 17 or 16 yrs old)

Juvenile Male (95 or 96; 15 or 14 yrs old)

Juvenile Female (95 or 96; 15 or 14 yrs old)